"The feeling of being wrapped up is so calming and soothing. I would highly recommend Karen for this ceremony. She is kind, open and has a lovely energy."
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Closing the bones

Closing the Bones is a beautiful healing treatment for postnatal wellbeing.

It is a massage, a ritual and a healing ceremony for any woman who has given birth, whether recently or many years ago.  This therapy will support your postnatal recovery and fill you with a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Closing the Bones includes discussion of your birth experience (if desired), massaging the hips and abdomen with warm, scented oils, rocking and wrapping the hips, deep rest and release.

The therapeutic massage helps to treat exhaustion and to restore the strains and misalignments on the body and mind resulting from pregnancy and birth.  You will be wrapped, nurtured and eased into deep and restful relaxation.

You can bring your baby along with you if you wish.  The experience is designed to be healing and relaxing for you both.

Drumming, poetry, song and other elements can be included at your choice.  I can tailor the ceremony to meet your particular needs and preferences.

You can read more in my blog  about Closing the Bones here

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Closing The Bones lasts two hours and costs £120.

To enquire about availability and book, please contact me at or call 07981 286767.