This beautiful healing treatment is handed down from traditional Ecuadorian birth workers.  It is a massage, a ritual and a healing ceremony for any woman who has given birth, whether recently or many years ago.  The treatment includes discussion of your birth experience, massaging the hips and abdomen with warm, scented oils, rocking and wrapping the hips, deep rest and release.  It can be tailored to meet your particular needs and preferences.  

You can read more in my blog  about Closing the Bones here

You can also learn more at the website closingthebonesmassage.com

Contact me with any questions about booking.    

At present there is one remaining Closing the Bones treatment available at half price.  Enter the code CLOSINGBONES50 in the discount box when booking and the discount will be automatically applied.  If the discount box does not appear then the discount is no longer available.

"The feeling of being wrapped up is so calming and soothing. I would highly recommend Karen for this ceremony. She is kind, open and has a lovely energy."
Mother of two
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