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Guest Blog: Stress Reduction for Fitness and Health


By Guest Blogger, Ellen Orton

Description: Truthfully, everyone faces challenging situations in life. That’s why it’s crucial to find stress reduction tactics that work for you.

Did you know that in every group of 10 people, 7 are undergoing challenging situations? These situations lead to lots of stress and anxiety. If you don’t find a way to cope, it can quickly spiral out of control.

Therefore, stress reduction through, for instance, physical activity and eating healthy is crucial.

Not to mention, you get into great physical form and live a better life. Different stress reduction activities involve physical activity that you can engage in daily.

Stress Reduction through Working Out

Once you realize you have anxiety and are feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to find an outlet. Physical activity helps you focus on different workouts or activities, your mind shifts from the distractions.

Below are some benefits of exercise when it comes to stress management.

Flow of Endorphins

Have you ever wondered why you feel better after working out? Physical activity helps your brain produce more endorphins. Endorphins help you feel good and have a positive outlook on life.

Therefore, after exercising, you’re less inclined to worry. Now you can see the issues more clearly and even come up with solutions.

Better Mood

Being stressed can affect your mood. But by achieving stress reduction you can feel better and be happier. When you work out frequently, you notice a change in your self-awareness and confidence.

By being physically active, you suffer less from anxiety and can even sleep better. These help you be in a better mood.

Lowers Risk of Health Scares

One worry that many people have is about their health and well-being. Being overweight puts you at more risk of getting heart disease, Type-2 diabetes, and high blood pressure, among others.

But once you use exercise to shed weight, the risks lessen. Therefore, exercise benefits your body and aids in stress reduction.

By using different techniques together with working out, you can learn to relax. The good news is there are plenty of stress reduction tips you can use.

Stress Reduction Techniques

When you feel stressed out, you must find a way to relax. If you don’t, stress can end up affecting many aspects of your life. Some stress reduction techniques you can use together with physical activity include:

1. Create a To-do List

Is stress affecting you because you have too much to do and feel overwhelmed? One technique that helps you calm down is writing a to-do list with lots of details. Instead of simply writing the tasks, arrange them in order of priority.

Afterward, assign a timeline to each to help you get organized. Once you have a clear plan, you notice your mind calming down. It’s among the top stress reduction strategies.

2. Stress-Free Zone

Find a safe space to head to now and then that you can sit and relax. A stress-free zone plays a crucial part in your life. Once you get there, you make up your mind to forget about your worries and focus on other things.

For instance, you can hit the gym or head for yoga classes. While attending class, free your mind of all worry. When you shift your focus, it’s a great way to achieve stress reduction.

3. Open Up

Apart from getting physically active, share some of your concerns with a confidant. It can be a good friend, family member, or lover. Open up about what is going on.

Frankly, they might not have a solution at hand, but sharing can be an eye-opening experience. If not, you’ll feel better knowing someone understands you helping you achieve stress reduction.

4. Meditate

Taking time to meditate works hand in hand with exercise and stress reduction. When you meditate, you must sit still and do breathing exercises. Breathing in and out shifts your focus from worry to the activity. The more you focus on it, the less stressful you feel.

Additionally, your body relaxes, and your mind calms down. Meditation is a great way to achieve stress reduction. Also, it helps you attain clarity since your mind is now clear.

5. Diffuse Essential Oils

As you meditate or try to relax, you can diffuse some essential oils. Once you come home from working out and are relaxing, turn on the diffuser. The aromatherapy oil fills the room with a scent that helps you to feel calmer.

Moreover, the diffuser may have some LED lights that can create a great ambiance in the room. Honestly, diffusers are a great stress reduction device. They help you attain a mindfulness stress reduction and be happier.

Final Takeaway

It’s quite common to face stressful situations in life. However, it’s crucial to find different ways to achieve stress reduction. The best include lots of physical activities that are pretty beneficial. You can use the five techniques above to attain clarity and calmness.

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