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My Vision Board for 2020

Yesterday I made my third Vision Board. The first one was instrumental in my decision to change my life and become a Yoga teacher. Last year I focused on lots of things I wanted more of in my life. To my surprise, I got nearly all of them – including my own garden yoga studio – plus some more besides.
Doing what I love
My Vision Board for 2020 depicts doing more of what I love, plus some scary challenges. I’m planning to eat more fruit and veg, practice and teach yoga, swim in cold water, hike, give and receive reflexology, travel, eat cake and support new mums. Also, maybe, just maybe, I will jump out of a plane!
Focus on your heart’s desires
Vision Boards come in all styles and sizes. The basic idea is that you take some time and space to make a visual representation of your hopes, dreams and visions for the year ahead. It’s a way of focusing on your heart’s desires and putting them into concrete form. When I make my Vision Board I am saying “yes please!” to myself and to the Universe.
Creative and fun
The process of making a Vision Board is creative and fun. I like to surround myself with pictures, magazines, stickers, coloured papers, glue, sequins, pens …. Release your inner child and give her permission to play. Sometimes it’s surprising what emerges.
Making a Vision Board is a great activity to do with people you love. I sit round the kitchen table with my family at New Year, and we all make our Vision Boards together. We begin by sharing our Boards from last year and sharing how our year worked out. Then we make our new Boards together, munching on cake, laughing and chatting together as we work.
Sometimes we suggest ideas to one another. My daughter has challenged me this year to do a skydive with her for charity. I am absolutely terrified of heights, and I spent ages agonising whether or not to put it on my Vision Board. I added it at the last moment, so watch this space!!
Making our dreams real
Expressing our dreams and desires is the first step towards making them real. Putting something on a Vision Board feels like a commitment to myself – an expression of intent. It has been consistently true in my experience that the hopes I choose to focus on and then work towards tend to become realities. It’s powerful.
If you would like to make your own Vision Board for 2020, it’s definitely not too late. I would encourage you to do so.
Vision Board Workshop
I am running a Vision Board Workshop at my Garden Studio in Billericay on Saturday 18th January 2020 at 10am. I will guide and support you through the whole process. We will begin with a meditation to help you focus on your heart’s desires. All materials will be provided for you, including a clip frame for your finished Vision Board to take home and display. Teas, coffees and home made cakes will help fuel your creativity.
Karen Lawrence is a Yoga Teacher, Pregnancy and Postnatal teacher and Reflexologist. She lives and works in Billericay, Essex. You can visit her website and learn more about her classes and therapies at

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