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Coronavirus and Fear: Who Controls your Life?

It’s so easy to be controlled by fear.  I know – I’ve been there.  With all the recent talk of scary viruses, panic buying, and cities on lockdown, I have found myself gazing into a whirlpool of anxiety.

Will the children’s schools be closed?  Those pictures of empty supermarket shelves look scary!  Can I still go on holiday? How can I support my elderly relatives? What about my business?    

My lovely business coach, Rosemary, brought me up sharp with a question:  “Who controls your life?’”

That got me thinking.  Am I going to allow myself to be controlled by mass panic and rumours on social media?  Or do I create my own reality?

I am certain that I have choices about how I respond to the events and information that bombard me.  And the choices I make will determine my experience.  In particular, I can choose not to be controlled by fear. 

Yes of course some events and circumstances are beyond my individual control.  But I can choose how I respond. I can choose to be part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem.  I control my life, by making my own choices.  And as soon as I do that, I start to feel better.

Here are some of the choices I am making.

  • I have chosen to delete the News App from my phone, to stop myself from compulsively checking for updates every couple of hours.  That made me feel better straight away.
  • I am choosing to rely on the Government website and Public Health England for information, rather than automatically believing every rumour I hear from friends or on social media.
  • I am choosing to continue with my normal activities, enjoying daily life and supporting local businesses.
  • I am choosing to follow the latest health advice on hand washing and hygiene, to keep myself, my family, clients and friends as safe as possible.
  • I am choosing only to buy my normal weekly shop for my family, ensuring we have what we need without depriving others of fair access to their groceries and necessities.
  • I am choosing to care for my family, clients and myself with positive, enjoyable and relaxing activities plus plenty of exercise, rest and sleep.  These are the best ways to stay fit and well with a strong immune system.
  • I am choosing to maintain my daily practice of prayer, meditation and gratitude.  Gratitude is a powerful antidote to fear.
  • I am choosing to enjoy the spring sunshine and the beauty of nature every day.

Mahatma Gandhi said:  “There would be nothing to frighten you if you refused to be afraid.”  Fear makes us weak.  Gratitude, love, compassion and faith make us strong.

Join me.  Create your own reality.  Control your life.  Refuse to be afraid.

Karen Lawrence is a mother of seven, Yoga teacher and Reflexologist living in Billericay, Essex.  You can learn more about Karen at her website

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